Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Tuesday To-Do

Single Signature Stitched Notebook

project notebook

This book is based on instructions from Creating Handmade Books by Alisa Golden


Two pieces of patterned paper 7&1/2"x 12" for cover (or you can use one piece of double sided patterned paper)
8 to 10 sheets of lined or graph notebook paper for inside pages 7"x 11.5"
String or twine
Large needle
Paper piercer


Stick the two pieces of patterned paper together, (blank sides together), and fold in half to form cover

inside cover
outside cover

Fold inside pages in half and nest together

Then nest pages inside of cover

Open out and use one or two clips to clip everything together to keep pages and cover properly lined up for the next step

With inside pages facing up, mark dots in the middle of the fold and 2" above and below middle

Use paper piercer to pierce holes as marked through pages and cover

Thread large needle with string and start the stitch from the outside, in center hole leaving a few inches of string hanging on the outside

On inside pass thread through top hole to outside

Then from outside through lower hole, skipping the middle hole

Then finally through the middle hole to the outside

Tie ends of string in a knot, tying around the long stitch on the outside

Now you can embellish the front and start filling the pages!

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elizabeth said...

awesome tutorial!
i am soooo going to give this a go.

dig your blog :)

{elizabeth} over at sis.