Monday, 18 February 2008

Quick Monday post

Just a little update on my recent projects. Make a thing a day is going pretty well, though some days I have to do two projects to catch up because I spent the previous day out with friends or taking photos, or lets be honest, just being lazy!

This layout was done for the French blog ScrapNScrap and uses a sketch by Begga Huna

Along with the treat I made for Lucas I also made these cupcakes on Valentine's Day

This little felt clutch was made to hold my Moo calling cards.

Moo clutch

And I did this series of mugs based on an idea by Ashley Wren

I'm really enjoying exploring all the different parts of my creativity this month!


elizabeth said...

love the lo!

oh have you washed those mugs yet? i was just wondering if the sharpie (i'm assuming you used a sharpie like aw did) came off in the wash.

Vivian said...

Go, you! Look at all these fun projects!

michelle said...

love all of your stuff. that page is awesome

milkcan said...

Loooooooooooooooove the felt clutch!