Thursday, 21 February 2008


A few days ago Rebecca Sower threw out a challenge: spend a day unplugged - no TV, no telephone no internet. I've been struggling lately with lack of focus and being way too distracted by things like TV and Internet so I am taking the plunge and going unplugged tomorrow. I've made a nice list of some projects I want to tackle, so hopefully I won't feel the pull to check my e-mail every five minutes, or check in on numerous message boards to "see what's happening". I know I will definitely miss my flickr fix, I have become so addicted to that place, but a break might be just what I need!

I'm leaving you with a canvas I did yesterday for the Ranger Yahoo group. It uses Perfect Pearls for the background and I did an emboss resist technique with the butterfly stamps (the stamps and the fabric butterfly are both from Alpha Stamps)

Wish me luck and I'll be back over the weekend!

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VexedAngel said...

I saw that, and thought about doing it, too, I don't know if I could! lol But I may pick a day without *one* plug-in thing. LOL