Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Tuesday To-Do: Altered Clock

As soon as I saw this stamp at Alpha stamps I knew I had to have it! This is so me, I'm a horrible procrastinator. I'm hoping this project will help me get that under control!



Clock (I got mine at the equivalent of a dollar store)
Patterned paper
Queen Rubber stamp
Decorative stamp
Butterfly wings grungeboard
Black ink
Stamping ink in a light and dark shade of the same colour ( I used a sand colour and a darker brown)
White gesso and black acylic paint
Sticker numbers


1. Very carefully remove the hands from the clock and set aside

2. Find something approximately the same size as the clock face to use as a template, and draw and cut out a circle from the patterned paper (or you can measure the diameter of the clock and use a compass to do this)

3. Find the center of circle and use an anywhere hole punch to punch out a hole (to find the center I dabbed a bit of paint onto the bit sticking out of the clock and gently lay the patterned paper, right side up, over it to mark the back of the paper)

4. Depending on the size of the mechanics you might need to use a pair of small scissors to enlarge the hole

5. Paint face of clock with white gesso and when dry, black acrylic paint. The gesso helps prepare the surface for the paint.

6. While waiting for the paint to dry decorate the patterned paper circle
  • Use black ink to ink the edges of the circle as well as the hole in the center
  • Stamp main image in black to left of center
  • Add number stickers in a jumble at bottom of circle
  • Use sand ink to ink up the wings
  • Stamp decorative image on wings with brown ink
  • Finish off piece and add to clock using a strong glue.
This will now stay in my scrap space to help keep me on track!

Here's another project I made with this stamp.

It's very versatile, it would be great for a calendar and for ATCs, and maybe also to stamp on packages that are being sent out late!


Jenn said...

Fran, that clock is amazing! You are one talented lady!

Close To Home said...

wooahh that's just fantastic and so lovely!!!! talented indeed!

michelle said...

wow! i love it!

Vernell said...

Awesome sis!! I love how you piled the numbers at the bottom. Love the stamp too :)

Gabrielle Madsen said...