Thursday, 24 January 2008

I love Kit Clubs

Not only because I get a fully coordinated package of goodies delivered right to my door (well except for when the mailman doesn't actually deliver and I have to go to the PO to get it), but because on Tuesday it finally occurred to me that they are perfect to take to crops. You see, I belong to a group of scrappers here in Lyon, we meet every two weeks, for scrapbooking and laughter. I usually have a hard time deciding what to pack, I'm so used to having all my stuff right there. Invariably I pack too much into my crop bag, which I have to lug all the way across the city on the metro. Sometimes I even ended up taking extra items in a separate tote bag, but regardless I was guaranteed to never have what I wanted and always had to complete projects at home (some of them are still sitting there waiting). Maybe it's the new year, or the new moon, but on Tuesday I stuffed three kits into my bag, added my basic tool kit of adhesive, ruler, craft knife and trimmer some basic stamps and ink and voila, I completed a page that I loved. I'm not sure why this never occurred to me before, it might be because I usually just fondle my kits and "save" them for something special, but this was a real break through for me! The downside of course is that now I want to subscribe to more kits!


VexedAngel said...

I've been trying to do this, too, lately--or make a homemade kit and take it--and it usually makes me much more productive!

Audrey Pettit (APet) said...

Unfortunately in our area, all of our local scrapbooking stores have gone out of business. I worked at one for 3 years that had to close it's doors last November. My boss and I were so distraught that we started up our own kit club. We just didn't want to give up this industry that we love so much completely. Now I'm finding that I absolutely LOVE the kits. Like you said, they are perfect for taking to crops. I also like to just pull one out and know that I will have everything I need to do a bunch of project with right at hand. Kits are the best!
If you want to check out ours and see what we're up to, please look us up at