Wednesday, 9 April 2008

7 times 7

This week's How Much is too Much Challenge. I wasn't sure I would make it but I did!

This is Naala. She does this funny combo of a meow and a yawn. sometimes it's a yawn that becomes a meow. She keeps us giggling!

On another note, we have a problem with our phone line, so our internet connection has been spotty. It's on now but can go at any moment. The phone man will be here later to fix it, so with any luck I will be back on track in a few hours. I was able to upload some new items to my etsy store so don't forget to check it out. if you love vintage items you will probably find something you like. Also, what kind of French vintage items would you like to see in the shop? I need more excuses to go back to the flea market. :)

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Frédérique said...

Cette page est super belle et la photo est extra !