Thursday, 6 December 2007

Easy ornament

I bought several of these glass balls to alter additionally: I'm planning to open them up and put glitter and/or beads on the inside, or colour them with alcohol inks etc., but at the same store I came across a sheet of electrostatic "stickers" that are meant for windows and thought "aha!". So my first project was to simply stick this glitter star on, add the ribbon and hang. Mine came with the feather attached, you can easily get feathers at the craft store and add them with a hot glue gun or other strong glue.


Vernell said...

Love it. I have to work on my ornaments this weekend since I amgetting my tree this weekend LOL!!!

VexedAngel said...

That feather/star/glitter/clear combo is realllllly cute!!! ::love::

I did clear glass ornaments with curled up paper strips in them for my friends in high school, it was really funny a few weeks ago when I saw some just like them on 2Peas! :-) Maybe I can do some more next year.