Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Change is good

I'm in the middle of a scrap space reorganisation. Probably the fourth one this year. As time passes I get better ideas on how to more efficiently organise and store my tools and supplies based on how I use them. This reorg actually started as a "I'm gonna tidy up a bit so I have room to work" thing, but it snowballed. I've had this idea to change the orientation of one of my work surfaces for a while. I didn't think it could work, but last night I tried, and it did. Granted I had to steal a bit of living room space to make it happen, but it was dead space anyway, so it's all good. Lucas didn't even object too much.

The last time I did a major reorg was back in May. Well twice in May. I wrote about the first time, but never got around to posting pics when I got a new desk and shelves later that month. So here is what it looks like in the middle of the change. (excuse the horrible photos but my space is really a dim cave and to make it worse it's a dreary day today)

I hope to be all done later today and with a bit of luck the sun will shine tomorrow so that I can post some photos of the finished product.


Pearl Maple said...

Congratulations on the decision to reorganise, they say it is good for the soul and creative muse to clear clutter everyonce and a while. One day i might just try it but you can always report on your findings in the experiment.

Trynity said...

Hi Francine..

I wanted to Thank you sooo much for the awesome goodies that arrived yesterday..
I love that vintage trim and that postcard is simply darling..

I have a pretty good idea of where I would love it to go in my art journal..

So again, Merci..