Wednesday, 24 October 2007

7 random scrapbooking facts

I've been tagged by Mye:

7 random facts about me. Since I've done this already on my other blog, I thought I'd do 7 random scrapbooking facts instead.

  1. I discovered scrapbooking in 2001/2002 while in the US. I was immediately hooked, but sadly hooked by bright colours and deco scissors! It didn't really become a passion until a couple years ago. Probably when I discovered the nice stuff.
  2. I love everything BasicGrey. So much that I buy it all and just hoard the paper. I usually have to talk myself into cutting into it!
  3. I never know how to define my "style" so I just go with eclectic
  4. I'm addicted to American Crafts Thickers
  5. When I'm working on a page and stumped I take a photo of it and look at it on my monitor. Somehow that gives me the right perspective to make changes.
  6. A few months ago I was doing at least a page a day, but I seem to be in a slump lately
  7. My current favourite colour combo is pink, blue and green
I guess I'm supposed to tag people, so I choose

Pearl Maple

Have fun!


zab said...

wow je suis super flattée !!!!

Pearl Maple said...

Thank you for that, tagging and random facts are a fun way to get to know others.

Will have to think up some good ones to post soon.

Visiting your blog is always a lot of fun, so many creative things to look at.

Dina said...

Posted mine! :)