Monday, 23 June 2008

New Blog

When I started this blog last year it was because I felt I needed to separate my scrapbook stuff, from my real life stuff on my original blog. This was mostly because when I started blogging it wasn't about scrapbooking, but about my life in France. Almost a year later I have realised that scrapping and crafting are an integral part of my real life, the two cannot be separated. So I have started afresh, sorta, with Typepad. Please find my new updated blog here

All content from this blog has been imported over and you can read just the scrapbooking related posts by selecting the Scrapbooking and Paper Crafts Category.

Thank you all for being faithful readers of this little spot. I hope that you will join me over there and update your links and feed readers. The new blog will be a combination of all my interests, so you will also get a peek into other parts of my life!

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Pillerill said...

i will follow you there!