Monday, 5 May 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

I'm headed home (Barbados and Grenada) for a long overdue, much needed break! I get on the plane first thing Thursday morning in Paris, but I actually leave Lyon Wednesday afternoon by train. I will of course be taking some supplies with me, but who knows if I will even take them out of my suitcase. Yeah, I will. I'm obsessed after all, plus I want to do a travel journal while there. I'll be posting to this blog when I can and have something to share, but if you want to see what I am up to while away (i.e. sun, sand and cocktails) check out my regular blog, where I'll post photos and updates.

I am thinking that when I get back to France, in order to get back into my crafting and creating groove, that I will do another month of Make A Thing a Day (also known as MATADFAM) in June. I'm putting this out there now, and inviting you to join in with me. You can make anything, not just scrapbook pages: take a photo, a card, sewing, basically anything crafty/creative counts. Each time you link to a daily project I'll throw your name in the pool, and pick three people to get a goodie package at the end of the month. No idea what will be in there yet, other than some vintage goodies and chocolate. That's already a start though! So keep that in mind, I'll post about it again when I am back on the 27th.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a peek at my travel journal and some other recent projects!!

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